7 Obstacles Faced By Bahubali Which Will Leave You Shocked

The Corporate Version of Game of Thrones (3)1) The title “Bahubali” was controversial!


A religious Jain temple in Karnataka objected to the title of the movie, and had even sent a legal notice to the producers. Their reason: Bahubali is also the name of Mahaveer Jain, the founder of this religion. Controversy level: Godlike.

 2) Unscheduled halts


The shooting of Bahubali suffered a major unscheduled break when the villagers near the shooting location stormed the sets of the film and disrupted the shoot. They even claimed that the filmmakers didn’t have the necessary permissions to shoot the film!

3) When Bahubali himself got injured


Prabhas, who plays the lead in the film, got seriously injured during the shoot! But while Prabhas was being nursed by a team of experts, the filmmakers continued shooting the other parts of the film to avoid wasting time. Kudos, Prabhas!

4) Even Mother Nature went against Bahubali


Director SS Rajamouli insisted on authentic maize fields to give a more natural look to the film, and hence, extensive fields of maize were actually planted by the production team. Unfortunately, the rains destroyed the crop and the entire plan went down in the mud. Quite literally.

5) Plagiarism allegations

Bahubali HD Wallpaperes 2

The idea of one of the ‘making’ videos of Bahubali was allegedly copied and used by the film producers without any consent by Amazing Videohivers – an Australian firm. That’s quite disheartening, isn’t it?

6) The ‘Stolen’ Look


There were strong rumors that not only was the poster of Bahubali copied from an Hollywood movie, but the entire look of Anushka Shetty aka Devasena, was also said to have been inspired from a Hindi film. This clearly seems like classic case of: HATERS GONNA HATE.

7) Karan Johar’s Involvement


Until a few weeks before the film’s release, Karan was denying his involvement with the film, while rumours were equally rife about him releasing the Hindi version of the film. Finally, the rumours turned out to be true and according to the director, it was only because of Dharma Productions, that Bahubali had such a magnificent PAN India release.


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